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Warranty Policy

Flipper Devices offers a limited warranty on all of our products. Our warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of delivery, unless otherwise specified by local laws of the country to which the product was shipped

What's Covered

Our warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship that arise during the normal use of the product.

In cases where there is visible external cosmetic damage to the product (scratches, crack etc.), the product must be returned to us in its original new condition, and must not have been used, altered, or damaged (except for any initial factory defect covered by this warranty) by the customer or any other person. In addition, such warranty claims must be filed within fourteen (14) days after delivery to be considered for review. If a product with a cosmetic defect has been used by the customer, or this issue is not reported within fourteen (14) days after receiving the order, the claim may not be accepted.

We reserve the right to determine, in our sole discretion, whether a returned product is in its original new condition, and to deny any warranty claim if we determine that the product has been used or damaged by the customer or any other person.

What's Not Covered

Our warranty does not cover any defects or damage that arise from product misuse or abuse, normal wear and tear, accidents or acts of nature, unauthorized repairs or modifications (either hardware or firmware), and/or failure to follow the product's instructions or warnings.

Our warranty policy only applies to the products that have been purchased directly from our official online store (https://shop.flipperzero.one). If you have purchased our products through a third-party retailer, this warranty will not apply. In such cases, warranty coverage may differ and will need to be discussed with the seller.

How To File A Claim

If you believe that your product is defective and covered under our warranty, please contact our customer support team via a support request. In order for us to review your claim, be sure to include your order number, the name and/or serial number of your product, a photo/video of the defect, and a photo of the defective item alongside the box showing the serial number.

In order to determine the cause of the defect and make a decision regarding replacement or repair, we may request that the customer provide us with additional photo, video, or other materials related to the issue. If the requested materials are not provided, we reserve the right to reject the warranty claim and withhold from processing the claim any further.

We may request the customer to return the defective unit for further examination. In such cases, we will assume responsibility for the cost of shipping the item back, and provide the customer with a prepaid shipping label. To facilitate the return process, we request that the customer provide all necessary shipping information to us within a timely manner. Failure to provide the requested information or to ship the defective item back to us may result in a rejection of the warranty claim.

If we determine that your claim is covered by our warranty, we will replace your product at no cost to you. In such cases, we request that the customer provides us with their full name, address and telephone number, so that a replacement shipment can be prepared.

If we are unable to replace your product, we may issue a refund or store credit at our discretion.

How Local Law Applies

Applicable local laws may provide you with additional legal rights beyond what is outlined in this warranty policy. Depending on your country of residence, you may be entitled to different rights that are not covered by this warranty.

Limitation of Liability

Flipper Devices' liability under this warranty is limited to the replacement of the product or, at our discretion, issuing a refund or store credit. Flipper Devices is not liable for any indirect, incidental, or consequential damages arising from the use of the product.

We reserve the right to change or update this policy at any time without prior notice. Any changes made will be effective immediately upon posting of the updated policy on our website. By continuing to make use of our products and services following any policy changes, you acknowledge and accept any modifications made to our warranty policy.